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An Evans' entrance.

A year in Europe. Or rather a year in England. It was different. Ryan was only there because of his sister and the chance of getting time out to see some shows in West End. Research! Just because he was away from all he knew didn't mean he'd given up on what he'd wanted.

"So..." This would be where his sister would start telling him what would be going on and the rest of her plans for the year.

Jan. 7th, 2009

Carlotta makes her way up the driveway, having just been dropped off by her nagging grandmother.

As soon as the woman is out of sight, she shakes all of the ribbons out of her hair, then climbs up one of the tall trees to deposit her Important Stuff in places that are difficult to find and or get to.

After climbing down, she continues towards the school.
Well, that's another Christmas over. Kelly hates Christmas - because any holiday that widely celebrated means family - so she's seriously glad to be back at good old St Ts. She's sprawled out on the tatty old rug in front of a fire (not strictly against the rules, but. . .) in the sixth form common room, reading Sartre and biting absently on the end of a well-chewed biro.
Carlotta is outside, practicing hockey.

Despite being fairly good at juggling, her long range ball skills leave something to be desired. Which is why about fifteen minutes into her practice she hits a long very hard ball, which spins off in completely the wrong direction. She stares in dismay as it bounces off a stone and smashes one of the school windows.

"Uh oh..."

She winces and goes over to the window, to see what she's broken and who she needs to confess to.

Environmental Science Class

Her first class under the heading of 'Environmental Science'. Whatever that is; she's still not entirely sure of what this new subject of hers involves. Today's probably just going to be one of those vague introductory things where she babbles at the students then lets them loose on the plants at the back. It'll give her an idea of who she needs to keep an eye on in the future too - probably the whole lot of them - while giving her a chance to get a bit more Muggle science into her before she gets to those bits of the subject.

On the board, written in a far more legible hand than one might expect from a teacher, is:

Environmental Science
The End of The World
Perception, Preparation and Prevention

Professor Sprout

Pomona herself can be found at the back of the classroom, sat amongst the jungle she's got there, watching the door with a mix of hope and trepidation. It'll be interesting to see if anybody turns up.

At the Library

Julian liked the quiet few minutes he got to himself between classes, and he found that the library was the best place to enjoy them. Whether the staff librarian knew that he was reading comics within the pages of large volume of Caesar's Adventures in Gaul, it hardly mattered. He could hardly be studious every hour of every day. Besides, he had that damn report to write in prep that evening, and he was most certainly not looking forward to that.

Chemistry Class - Open to all

Chemistry Class. Miss McShane is going to do some chemistry even if no one turns up. Her chemistry usually involves the theory and practice of explosives.

Being an old St Trinians girl herself, she's ready for pretty much anything.

In a legible, but rather less than girly scrawl is written the following:

All Any Years.

It's not going to bother her too much if this lesson goes horribly. Respect is hard, but justly earnt at St T's.

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Biology Class

There might be a biology class. Might being the right word considering who is teaching it. His attitude to paperwork at Torchwood wasn't exactly the best. When he was at school it was a bit hit and miss then. He was clever. He'd worked that out long time ago and as such he had acted out because he was bored. Yes, Owen Harper was one of those kids. It was why he was a doctor. Apart from money and increasing his chances of taking someone home. A bloody good doctor at that. Even if he said it himself. So sat there with his lab coat on, feet up on the desk and reading a comic book. Who needed lesson plans? All he really wanted was more of Ianto's coffee or maybe more sleep. Neither of which seemed forthcoming then.

The board behind him at least said:
Doctor Owen Harper
Biology Class

Written in somewhat readable scrawl.
The woman arrives a bit later than she'd aimed for but Muggle transportation is tricky and she's nearly ended up in both St Albans and Staintondale along her journey here. As such, she's not got the most cheery expression on her face as she tromps up the driveway, floating her what would be large and heavy trunk behind her. Occasionally there's a thump from inside said piece of luggage and a swearword from Pomona each time she hears one. It means her plants are waking up again. Bugger.

Of course, now she's actually here (no chance that she's mistaken this school for another one) she's got absolutely no idea of where to go and dump her things. Just means she'll have to grab the first unlucky person she sees, student or staff.

Sep. 11th, 2008

Carlotta is on the side of one of the school buildings, climbing up a drainpipe somewhere around the second floor.

The stairways were crowded.