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Old School Ties. . . . can never be broken
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Old School Ties is a boarding school game. The setting is based on a loose cross between 'St Trinian's' - of Ronald Searle's cartoons and the related films and novel, and Geoffrey Willan's St Custard's (illustrated by Searle). Both schools are anarchic, the pupils and teachers share a healthy disregard for the law, and the schools are forever fending off a number of threats of closure.

REMEMBER These are British schools. Try to keep the atmosphere as correct as you can manage. If you're not sure whether something is right, poke one of the mods - we're both British!


This is a pan-fandom game. School age (11-18) characters must come from a canon in which they attend school. Ideally, the focus of the canon would be the school, but the mods could be persuaded to accept any school age character with a good enough application. Teachers must have relevant canonical qualifications for their subject. All characters must have a canon, and no Original Characters (OCs) are allowed.


Your friendly neighbourhood moderators are Bethan (bethan_b_bad) and Clare (corchen). Reach them separately on AIM as Herworldsonfire and conciseprecis respectively, or jointly by emailing schoolties.mods @ gmail . com.


The out-of-character community is new_school_ties, where everyone can talk about the game, get to know each other, plot plottish things, ask for help, et cetera.

At least one journal should be used to watch this community, as this is where all moderator announcements will be posted.

Please check out the Old School Ties FAQ, found here. Still got a question? Email the mods at schoolties.mods at gmail dot com.


* Check the community cast list, found here, and make sure the character you want is not already taken.

* Create a new journal for the character that you wish to play. Be sure to include your character's name somewhere in the user info, a basic description noting any unusual characteristics (eg: wings, horns, intangibility, that italics means that they are singing, etc...) that anyone approaching them might notice, and some basic canon information, so that other players have some background info at their disposal. Unless a secret pup, please include some method of contacting the player in the character's profile. For an example, see here. This info page must be completed before we will process your application.

* Copy and paste the following disclaimer into your userinfo:
[Character name] is from [book/movie/show/whatever], and is the property of [author/publisher/studio/whoever]. He/she appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in old_school_ties, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

As above, you must have a disclaimer in your user-info before we will process your application.

* Send an email to schoolties.mods @ gmail.com, including the following:

o your LJ name

o your email

o your AIM handle and usual online nickname - what people in the game call you.
+ NOTE: No 'Roberta-mun' style AIM handles or false aliases - please give the handles and name you usually go by. If you don't want anybody else to know you're playing a character, simply say so in the email. Modly discretion is, as always, assured.

o the character you want (full name, and fandom please)

o the name of the journal you created for your character

o between 300 and 500 words just talking about one or more of such things as:
your character's personality, a very brief (ie, one or two lines) summary of any particularly relevant backstory (don't worry, you can expand on this in the journal userinfo, if you want), how you intend to play them, why you want to play them, that sort of thing. This is mostly for us to ensure that you have put some amount of thought into the character, and to reduce the amount of people applying for characters on a whim, and then forgetting about them.

* Then, come back here, logged in as your character, and click 'join community' at the top of this page.

* In addition, you must also head over here and leave a comment stating name of character, fandom and name of player, in order to add your character to the cast list.

Your application will be added to the list of people waiting to join, and you will be made a member before the end of the month during which you applied.
(The above has been borrowed with permission from the user info of milliways_bar.)